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8 best sites of 2012

8 best sites of 2012

This year has been full of surprises, that’s why we want to make sure that you know the best things 2012 has brought to us. This time we have assembled another “Top 10′s” list for 2012 – 8 best sites: some – fun and creative, others  – just useless. Either way, they make our life easier, whether at or outside work.

1. Buzzfeed

If you want to know 33 people that had a worse day than yours, or die of tenderness and love remembering the 40 most influential Corgi puppies then you know exactly where to go:  BuzzFeed. Founded by Jonah Peretti (who also co-founded The Huffington Post), BuzzFeed was launched in 2006 and  became extremely popular in 2012. The viral content site reached the second position of most influential sites this year, according to Technorati. BuzzFeed’s next step? Conquer the world!

2. Pinterest

This is a great place to save all the cool photos and images that you can find on the Internet. It seems that Pinterest was born to be successful. This social networking site was launched in 2010 and in January 2012 reached over 11 million visitors, according to a research by comScore.

3. Pottermore

What is the love if there isn’t Harry Potter in it? Pottermore was launched in 2011 and opened to the public only this year. It serves as a permanent hub for the told and untold stories of the Harry Potter saga.

4. Change.org

To promote change of all kind worldwide, it is necessary to be involved. That is why the Change.org has been established as an important channel to connect people and causes around the Planet. The website was created in 2012 and by then it only had 1 million users. In 2012 there are now over 20 million users: a significant growth.

5. Dogshaming

This site started as a joke – as it usually happens with the internet. Created on August 16th the  tumblr Dogshaming brought photos of canine humiliation: a shamed puppy besides destroyed clothes with a note saying funny things about the situation. Poor puppy. As of today Dogshaming has more than 2000 photos of cute spoiled puppies, so now you can get lost in a sea of tenderness and remorse.

6. Coursera

The Internet has brought to us not only a world of information, but also opportunities for education. Coursera was launched in April 2012 by two Stanford University teachers. The proposal was very simple: partner with other 33 universities from seven countries and offer free lessons and on-line courses for everybody. Today there are 208 courses available in Coursera, most of them offered by renown institutions like University of London, Princeton and Stanford.

7. TED

“Ideas worth spreading”, is the slogan of the nonprofit organization TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design). It was founded in 1984 and it is responsible for the conferences you’ve seen around lately to spread innovation or other ideas. Part of this year’s success came about with the proliferation of TEDx - conferences licensed by TED and performed in more than 133 countries, and there are, at least, four conferences a day.

8.  The Useless Web

This year Procrastination won a fundamental ally: a site that gathers the most useless things around the internet, with a component of randomness particularly fascinating for the ones that want to “hang out”. Just go to The Useless Web and ask politely – clicking the button ‘Please’ to see a very random and utterly useless site such as Ducks are the best or Look, a dead fly.